Custom-Made Seat Covers

Microfiber Seat Covers for Automobile, SUV and Truck


RamsHead is renowned as the manufacturer of the ultimate in tailor-made sheepskin seat covers for your automobile and truck.


We are now offering a brand new line of economically-priced Microfiber seat covers as well. These are available in a wide range of colors.


Microfiber covers in two colors are available at no extra charge.


All of our Microfiber seat covers are lined with the highest-quality auto industry 1/4" foam for added comfort.


Headrest and Armrest Microfiber covers are included in the price!



Pictured is a two color fabric seat cover with center of seat in one color and sidebolsters in a different color.

When ordering a two color fabric seat cover you will be able to select the color combination of your choice.



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RamsHead Custom-Made Seat Covers

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