RamsHead Custom-Made Seat Covers


RamsHead Seat Covers for Aircraft: 

 Sheepskin Seat Covers                  From  $498.00

RamsHead Seat Covers for Auto, SUV and Truck:

 Sheepskin Seat Covers                 From  $599.00

Fabric Seat Covers:

 Leatherette Seat Covers                 From  $299.00


 Velour Seat Covers                         From  $299.00

 Microfiber Seat Covers                   From  $379.00

Sheepskin prices are based on driver and passenger or pilot and copilot seats covers.

Headrests and armrests are optional.


Fabric prices are based on driver and passenger seats covers. Map pockets, headrests (except for highback seats) and armrests are included.



Phone: 800 362 6215

 e-mail: RamsHead@sonic.net

RamsHead Custom-Made Seat Covers

244 Colgan Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95404