100% Custom Hand Made Seat Covers!

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Sheepskin seat covers are custom made to the specification for your vehicle or aircraft. With 40 years’ experience, and our 12,000+ custom seat patterns, we are the premium quality, custom sheepskin seat cover maker in the United States.


We make custom sheepskin seat covers for autos, aircraft, SUVs, and trucks. Our sheepskin seat covers last longer, have greater durability, and are your best investment in comfort and luxury.

03 /12,000+ PATTERNS

Our continually growing pattern repertoire enables us to produce a truly custom – fitted seat cover for virtually every automobile, SUV, truck or aircraft. Custom-fitted means longer life and a snugger fit.


We are proud of our reputation as craftsmen of the very finest sheepskin and fabric seat covers for every car, truck, SUV, and most airplanes.



“Super Natural” means the wool is extra dense and is 1″ in length.

  • Life expectancy of this selection is from 9 to 13 years.
  • Our “Super Natural” pelts are in limited supply.
  • Five Year Warranty


“Natural”  is 100% choice sheepskin; the wool is from dense to medium-dense and 1″ in length.

  •  Life expectancy of this selection is from 6-9 years.
  • Five Year Warranty


Our “Standard” wool is medium dense and is 1″ in length.

  • Life expectancy of this selection is from 5-8 years.
  • Five year Warranty


A set ofRamsHead seat covers requires from four to five pelts to complete.

  • Hand-selected and matched for texture, density and color.
  • We match all of the sheepskins as closely as Mother Nature allows.



We only use the Finest German leather hides.

  • Creating the most luxurious seat covers in the world. 
  • Soft, smooth, & sleek, complimenting and enhancing any vehicle.


For the longest lasting durability, we recommend:

  •  Every 6 months using a high quality leather conditioner.


Our German leather hide processing is the truest example of fine German Engineering giving you the ultimate leather seat cover.

  • Enhances Appearance & Luxury
  • Extreme Comfort while protecting your original seats


Caring for the environment we use “time” rather than harsh “accelerant” chemicals in the tanning process.

  • Allows the tannery to have clean water facilities.
  • Enabling the water to be recycled for irrigation.


01 /Fabric & Foam

  • Highest Quality Fabric in Solid or Two Toned Options
  • ¼” High Density Foam w/ Scrim Backing
  • Creating Long Lasting, Strong Superb Fitting Covers

02 /Construction & Anchoring System

  • Created for your EXACT YEAR, MAKE & MODEL
  • Unique Design Construction – Unlike no other Seat Covers
  • Covers that Stay in Place & Fit like a Glove
  • Built to Last – NO Elastic, Bungee or Nylon Cords that don’t last

03 /Airbag Openings

  • Appropriate Opening for Seat Airbags
  • Keeping you SAFE with our Covers
  • Preferred Covers by the Auto Dealerships

04 /Included

  • Includes Map Pockets on the back of the seat
  • Head Rest & Arm Rest Included
  • Protecting your Seats for years to come

Handmade Custom Sheepskin Covers


We make custom sheepskin seat covers for autos, aircraft, SUVs, and trucks. Our sheepskin seat covers last longer, have greater durability, and are your best investment in comfort and luxury. In 1972, we made our first seat cover and from the moment we slipped the first one into place and sat down, we knew that we had created something very special and our thousands of satisfied customers tell us they appreciated it, too.

Truck German Leather Seat Covers RamsHead

Luxurious German Leather Seat Covers


RamsHead is renowned as the manufacturer of the ultimate in tailor-made sheepskin seat covers for your Car, SUV, & Truck.

We are now offering a brand new line of economically-priced Leatherette seat covers. Available in a wide range of colors, in Two-Tone too!

All of our Leatherette seat covers are lined with the highest-quality auto industry 1/4″ foam for added comfort.

Headrest and Armrest and Map Pockets are included.

Side Airbag Openings appropriately designed within every seats need.

Sheepskin Seat Covers for Your Aircraft


Sheepskin seat covers for your airplane, the ultimate in tailor-made sheepskin seat covers for your aircraft.
• Always a perfect fit with two-piece construction.
• Made from top grade one inch premium sheepskin.
• Durable and colorfast, they will provide years of comfort.


These seat covers fit perfectly, are of the highest craftsmanship, and were installed professionally. Their staff is top notch and and cant imagine any other similar product being as high in quality. If you are considering seat covers, buy from Ramshead.

Fantastic quality and workmanship! I purchased leatherette with microfiber inserts to protect my original ‘ like new seats”. These covers look much classier than my original seats, in fact you can’t tell they are seat covers. They feel extremely durable too. Problem is they look so good I’m tempted to buy some generic covers to protect them! The owner was kind enough to drive us round trip to Costco while they were being installed. Awesome customer service. Thanks Ramshead.

Just installed two new seat covers in our Bonanza A36- see pics – very pleased with quality and service received. Met a tight deadline so we could get these installed during some other mx; very cooperative, helpful and efficient. You won’t be unhappy flying with your posterior resting on these very comfortable seat covers.

EVERYTHING great about this company. Meticulous workmanship, super human customer service and communication. This company worked to get me exactly what I needed, custom made in good time and for a very good price – especially compared to those overseas companies that have no customer service at all. They made covers for both front seats on my Mercedes 350e using Buffalo leather! Both seats had some tears in the seams and these individually handmade covers have a perfect fit, made of thin but tough leather and it doesn’t interfere with the heated seats at all. Exactly what I needed for a great price and simply professional communication at every step including shipping. Could’t be happier. Thank you Ramshead.

I have a ’16 Land Cruiser that I am a bit fanatical about. I wanted a set of seat covers to avoid the discomfort of sitting on leather seats for long periods. I did not want a mass produced one size fits all seat cover, it had to fit perfectly. I luckily found Rams Head and I could not be happier. These seat covers are super comfortable (my wife says it is like sitting on a cloud) and the fit is perfect! I have a rear seat entertainment system and they fashioned the covers to go around the monitors and also still access the seat back pocket. I also live in the Midwest where we can go from -30º in the winter to 90º in the summer and found the additional benefit of sheepskin covers always being the right temperature. The folks at Rams Head have an excellent product with customer service to match. I highly recommend their product.

Fantastic seat covers. I purchased the Leatherette with microfiber inserts. They look like top notch original equipment, you can’t tell they are seat covers. They look so good I’m almost tempted to buy some generic seat covers to cover them to keep them pristine. Thanks Ramshead for exceptional quality and service(the owner took the time to drive us round trip to Costco during the installation process) !

They made seat covers my 2015 Toyota Tacoma. They look amazing. Great customer service and product.